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Monday, February 11, 2008

Voting in Virginia's Primary

Here in Virginia we have an open primary. That simply means every voter chooses which primary to vote in regardless of individual party affiliation. It is one of those stupid ideas that only the inventor of the spork could make sense of. It is this kind of selection process that cripples any effort to craft a party that stands for any set of principles. With liberalism being the lowest common denominator in politics it is the natural destination of any political party that looses the anchor of its principles.

Once more I will be voting in a Democrat primary. While I am best described as a libertarian conservative, I have voted in many more Democrat primaries than Republican. The reason I vote in Democrat rather than Republican primaries is simply to vote for the candidate that I believe will loose more easily or the candidate less likely to do harm to my liberty if the Republicans do not prevail. The later is the case tomorrow. Not that I believe either Republican is much to cheer about.

McCain has done so much damage already that I place him firmly in the liberal camp. His crafting of the campaign finance reform act has to hold first place in elitist demagoguery while making a situation worse for having done something about it. His illegal immigrant amnesty bill is only less so simply because it went down in flames. He claims to be a defender of the second amendment but sponsored the McCain/Lieberman gun show bill that would give the government the ability to close all gun shows and register all attendees. His only positives would be his semi pro life records and he seems to understand the war on terror but he is so untrustworthy when it comes to our rights that I suspect any stand to be one of convenience.

Huckabee makes all the right noise about being a Christian but has pursued some questionable policies while in Arkansas. They include giving instate tuition to illegal immigrants, pressing to end the embargo of Cuba to trade with Castro's government and giving pardons to hundreds of criminals many of whom then went back to a life of crime. He is pro life and supports the second amendment which is the only thing that separates him from the rest. He has made some concessions toward more conservative tax and immigration positions but only time will tell if he actually gets it.

The only thing that separates Clinton from Obama is the Clinton Stalinist machine that has been in place since Bill and Hillary were last in the White House. Both Obama and Clinton have supported unrestricted abortion, disarming citizens, socialized medicine and a fairy tail foreign policy. Obama's lack of an instituted and dedicated group of supporters in the government makes him much less of a danger to our freedom than his opponent Hillary Clinton. That being said he has my vote tomorrow.


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Anonymous doug in colorado said...

I'm not crazy about McCain either, but for God's sake don't stay home...vote for whatever conservative Republicans you can find to try to put the brakes on this herd of lemmings, eager for the sea.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Xyba said...

I went to the polls with a change of mind. I had planned to vote in the Dem primary for Obama as I stated but having written the post I began to think my conclusion was wrong. I ended up voting for Huckabee. He is just as clueless on economics as the others but economic problems are relatively easy ti fix. When it comes to our basic rights however; once they are compromised they are extremely difficult to reclaim if at all. Of the ten articles in the bill of rights, nine of them are at risk without the second. There I see only one choice, Huckabee.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous PHenry said...

I voted for Obama, with pride.
For all the reasons you gave, plus the sheer joy of the prospect of voting against Hillary twice this year.

I still haven't decided if I will vote for Obama over McCain if it comes to that. I generally feel that if we are stuck with a liberal president, we are better off with a liberal democrat to pin the blame on.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous PHenry said...

Besides, Huckabee doesn't have a mathematical chance.

One thing is nice, this is the first VA primary I remember that my vote could matter. Its usually all decided by the time we get to it.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous PHenry said...


9:34 PM  
Blogger Xyba said...

I am unsure of what I will do in November. The RINO wing of the Republican Party has prevailed and will dominate the party for the foreseeable future. NcCain's election to President will be the end of conservatives in the party.

If as I expect, Hillary launches an offencive against Obama, McCain's chances of winning go up. The destructive battle at the 1968 Democrat Convention doomed them in the following election. The same will happen if the Clinton's pull out the long knives and go after Obama.

10:43 PM  

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