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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Democrats Worry Court May Uphold Voter ID Rules

Much angst in the New York Times over the impending ruling by the Supreme Court on the issue of voter picture ID. The majority not only favors letting stand the lower court ruling in favor of the law but may do so in a way that would stifle further attempts by the Democrats to challenge the laws of other states. The majority is saying there should be some individual demonstrating that they have been harmed by the law preventing them from casting a legal vote. Such common sense is lost on Souter and Ginsburg.

Justice David H. Souter countered, "That would be a virtue, but one of the vices would be that it would be after the election, and the entire matter would be academic for another two years."

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg raised a similar objection. "The reason they are bringing a facial challenge is because the horse is going to be out of the barn," she said. "They will have the election, and just what they are afraid of could happen — that the result will be skewed in favor of the opposite party."

Souter seems to think the law will keep legitimate voters from voting. Ginsburg on the other hand know precisely what the issue is. She sees the law as an effort to curb the voting of the Democrat Party's main constituency. For ages the liberals have counted on the "I" voters who are the illegal, incarcerated and the interred.

The judge in the lower court seemed to see that clearly also.

Judge Richard A. Posner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit agreed with the Democratic plaintiffs that the law would fall more heavily on Democrats than on Republicans. But that did not make the statute unconstitutional, he said.

The lawyer for the plaintiffs makes one of the lamest arguments possible. Simply because no one has been prosecuted the problem does not exist. By that logic, since Prince William County, Virginia does not prosecute white collar crime that those laws should be declared unconstitutional also.

The sad part of all this is we have come to a point where the most common sense laws are challenged as unconstitutional simply because a political party needs criminal activity to gain support and there are lawyers willing to go to bat for them and judges are willing to hear the case.


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