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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Workingout With Tucker

Friday we took Tucker, the big white dog to the vet. He has been favoring his left hind leg on and off for a couple of weeks so we needed to find out what was up. The examination suggested that he had a ligament issue that may need surgery. More detailed examination through x-ray would be necessary.

The next day I had scheduled a hay pick up but the weather was not cooperating. It looked like an opportunity to restart my weight lifting. Tucker decided for me that I needed to do the stubble part of the Wood, Hay and Stubble workout.

We had taken him into Manassas while we bought groceries. While I was unloading the car my mother pulled up. Normally Tucker is excited to see her so opening the gate to come in is not a problem, except today. He crashed the gate and went into my neighbor's cut cornfield. Without saying a thing I just jumped in the truck, put it into 4 wheel drive and went after him. He ran alongside the truck all the way to my neighbor's driveway, about half a mile. There he stopped. Figuring he was out of gas I got out and went to grab him and take him home. No dice. He turned and kept running. I stripped off my jacket and went after him full speed. When I reached the creek in the woods on the other side of the field he was nowhere to be seen.

There being no more need to hurry, I just jogged back to the truck, gathered my stuff and went around the block to tell the folks on the other side of the creek to keep an eye pealed for the big white dog. I then went back out to the main road to see if he was waiting for a ride like he tends to do. Not seeing him I went back down my neighbor's drive to go to the back of his farm where Tucker has been found more than once.

Halfway up the drive I saw Tucker coming back out of the woods. When he saw me stop he stopped and we just sat and stared at each other. I knew if I got out he would think something was up even if he did want to go back home with me and I would only add to the time before I could apprehend him.

While I sat there someone with a car just like my wife's came up the drive and went around me. Tucker must have thought it was her because he began to go toward it thinking she was driving off without him. I followed the car and that set the trap. He was now sure that we were going somewhere without him. He ran to catch up. When he got close enough I opened the door so he could jump in. Back at the house I told my wife that any dog that can run that far that fast for that long does not need money spent fixing his leg.


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Anonymous old n cranky said...

Oooooh, just imagine how fast and far he'd get if he was feeling 100%!

9:07 AM  

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