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Monday, December 17, 2007

New Christmas Traditions

Last year my wife and I stared a new tradition with our adult children. This year we are hosting a brunch Christmas Eve day to gather and present our choices for this year.

Many years ago my Parents borrowed a tradition from some in-laws. When my brother, sister and I grew to adults we put our names in a hat. Each person pulled a name and that was who they bought gifts for. That way we didn't go broke buying gifts for everyone as we each married and added more family to the list. We still do this each Christmas Eve. This year I pulled my Brother-in Law's name.

I called my sister to inquire about what to get her husband. Her simple reply was "Hunting, fishing, 3 or 8." Well I'm not a NASCAR fan but I do know enough that 3 and 8 are Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jr. I had no clue where to go to get a suitable gift. So we went to the local mall and wandered about hoping to find a specialty store. Failing that we went into Spencer's Gifts. Good Googly Moogly! I haven't been in one of these in for ever. I felt like I needed a shower after walking through the place. Fortunately the mall was pretty empty since it was a Monday morning. I would have rather been seen walking out of Victoria's Secrets.

Once the shaking stopped we found a team apparel shop that carried a limited selection of NASCAR items. I picked out what I thought he might not have and swung by my sister's work to get her opinion. She was specially impressed with the dollar bill with the "Intimidator's" picture pasted over old George. He must be a super fan because she told us he was at a candle party she gave and asked if they had candles in the shape of a 3 or 8 that were scented as burning rubber or gasoline.

I smell a cottage industry.


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