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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Armed Customer Thwarts Robbery

One less nit wit running loose today thanks to Charlie Merrell. Mr. Merrell was in the checkout line of the Bucks IGA Supermarket in south side Indianapolis after picking up some last minute items New Year's Eve when 19 year old Dwain Smith pulled a gun demanding money from the clerk. Wasting little time, Mr.. Merrell pulled his own weapon and pointed it at the hapless Mr.. Smith. Mr.. Smith laid down his .380 pistol, took off his mask and lied face down on the floor until Officer Friendly came and took him away.

There are those who think we should let the authorities handle these situations. The problem with that is the Dwain Smith's of this world count on the authorities being elsewhere when they pull their stunts. Armed citizens are and always have been the first line of defense against crime.


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Anonymous PHenry said...

I was telling a friend recently that I supported CCW, and she was all aghast. Why do you need a gun, she demanded.

I told her that if some psycho comes to the mall and starts shooting when I am there, he won't get as many shots off.

Then I said that when someone comes up with a way to rid the world of weapons, violence, and hate I will gladly support it.
Till then I will carry a gun and try to do my part to protect myself and those around me from evil.

Anti gun sentiment is just that, sentimental. If only the whole world was NICE and LOVING then we wouldn't need guns. But that mindset never will admit that the world is NOT. So we do.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Xyba said...

Absolutely Phenry, The recent shooting at the mega church last month clearly demonstrates the utility of concealed carry. If there was no armed individual at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs there would have been scores more dead and injured. People with a "think good thoughts so Tinkerbell won't die" approach to life will always live in fear because they just will not accept the reality that they are reasonable for their own security.

8:05 AM  

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