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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mrs Clinton's Experience

Great pic from Zombie's archive

Another great letter from our friend over at POMIL.

14 January 2008

Mrs Clinton is right. When considering her qualifications for the presidency, we need to take into account her eight years of experience as a resident of the White House. Noteworthy among activities she witnessed were:

  • Replacement of the White House travel office with her friends' commercial enterprise personnel.
  • Keeping hundreds of raw FBI files in the White House.
  • Sequestering Rose law firm billing records in the White House.
  • Conducting secret meetings in the White House involving some 500 health care conferees.
  • Enduring scandalous behavior in the Oval Office.
  • Political fund-raising.
  • Transfer of advanced missile and nuclear weapons technology to Red China.

Seventeen years ago, the American electorate had evidence suggesting the Clintons were ethically challenged. Yet they put the Clintons in the White House anyway. Twice. And Mr Clinton was impeached. What would the electorate expect the Clintons to do for encores in the White House? In time of war.

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst

I never counted political experience as a positive attribute. It would be best if all the people holding elective office were neophytes when it comes to buying votes, meddling in our affairs and picking our pockets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the future First Laddy, Bill, was also convicted of perjury and disbarred as an attorney, not just impeached.

When you have a burst appendix, do you want the surgeon, or the surgeon's wife to do the appendectomy? After all, she's been right by his side at night for 17 years.

Or if you're the Green Bay Packers, do you want Bret, or do you want Mrs. Favre suited up and helmeted for that big game?
Doug in Colorado

5:48 PM  

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