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Friday, December 07, 2007

Filling Up with the Big White Dog

I continue to take Tucker the Big White Dog with us when we leave the farm during the day. Last Saturday we were stopped at the local 7-11 to get gas and coffee. While I was filling the tank a pick up pulled next to me. In the back was tied a miniature horse. My immediate thought was, "I think my dog is bigger than that horse." The woman driving the truck must have seen Tucker because when she came out she said, "I think your dog is bigger than my horse."

I locked the pump handle and grabbed Tucker's collar and led him over to show him to the woman and let him see the horse. Much oohing and ahhing until the woman's daughter pulled out her phone to take a photo while her mother went in the store. With show and tell all concluded I brought Tucker back and opened the back door.

The car was too close to the pump to get both the Big White Dog and myself around. I just reached around and got him started into the back seat. He was going in fine so I let go of his collar. Without hesitation he turned and made a dash for the Rout 28. It is a busy road 24-7 and Saturday morning was extra heavy. Reacting in an instant I grabbed his tail with a death grip, only my sudden lunge caused the pump to fall out of the tank, gas still flowing. I scarfed up the pump with my free hand. I now had a big white dog's tail pulling me one way while in the other I had a gas pump spitting fuel. I squeezed the handle to shut the pump then raked it back, grabbed Tucker and turned him back into the car, jumped in and pulled up to the front of the store just as my wife emerged with our coffee.

"Do you smell that gas? It's Tucker's fault. Let's go."

Life with Tucker is just one big adventure.


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