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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Wood, Hay and Stubble Workout

My workout program has been going along quite well. I started withe a workout based on the book, The New Rules of Lifting. In May I swiched to a classic 5x5 workout. Both gave me good results.

Right now I'm doing what I call the wood, hay and stubble workout. I chop wood one day, put hay up into the barn another. The stubble part of the workout is primarily cardio. It occurs when my Big White Dog escapes and I get to chase him through my neighbor's cut over corn field. The last time this happened was last Sat.

I was leaving the horses out to the field after feeding them when Tucker the Big White Dog saw an opportunity and rushed the gate. Too surprised to reach fast enough I had to wait until all the horses were out before I could begin the chase. He zig zagged the back field before crossing into the field next door giving me the chance I needed to try and catch up. Fortunately a trespassing hunter had killed a doe sometime during the week. After he cut the head off he must have beat feet leaving it behind. I grabbed it and went over the fence with it. It worked like a charm. Tucker just could not resist a deer head gladly giving up his freedom for such a prize.

Lifting weights in the comfort of my garage is much easier. .


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