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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tucker on the Campaign

People have been after me to weigh in on the election. Let me just say this about the other candidates.

When my opponents are making mistakes I don't wish to interrupt them. These people are dedicated to self destruction. The Democrats are especially adept at it. Hillary Clinton's crack up over a simple issue of giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is classic. Not that Obama or Edwards have not stumbled over each other in their efforts to spout nonsense. The rest of the Democrat field are such pip-squeaks that I don't need to mention them specifically.

As for the Republican field, I just shake my head at the jawboning about who is the conservative. Where I come from action speaks louder than words. Giuliani, Romney and McCain all have issues in the past that belie any claim to be conservative. Anyone who accepts any politician's claim that "That was then but now I've seen the light." is fooling themselves. Which leaves Huckabee and Thompson. They have some room to relax but they are still politicians so I'll be watching them with both eyes. Ron Paul is like McCain. He says things I agree with but he's too crazy to trust. I spend most of my day sniffing for rats and something about these people smells smelly.

Which brings me to the question about when I'm going out on the campaign trail. The people here at Morning Glory Farm where I live have taken it upon themselves to try and keep me from leaving. Every day they go out and add to the fence some additional security measure. When they get done I just show them how futile their efforts are by slipping out a new way. The problem is I have to spend so much time dealing with their nonsense that I just can't commit to anything right now. No sooner do I slip out then they race down to the road and cut me off. I think biting the tail of a neighbor's goat set them off on this crusade. Once I lull them back into complacency I'll make the big break and get thing moving on a larger scale. For now..Big White Dog for President!


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