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Monday, February 05, 2007

McCain Blasts Senate Resolution

I've never been very impressed by John McCain, I fact I think he's wacky. The rest of the Senate is no better which is particularly irksome because it makes McCain seem credible in comparison. In light of all this I grind my teeth when I admit that on the issue of the anti war resolution being pushed in the senate I have to agree with McCain's condemnation of the resolution as intellectually dishonest.

Not that I think McCain really supports the mission or has any real alternative, but what he is saying is right. The Senate, particularly Sen. Warner are just pretending to want to do something. The real problem is they are simply meddling. This is evidenced by the many members who before the election where criticizing the President for not having enough troops in Iraq then when he sends more troops they complain he is escalating the war. The Democrats and Rinos act like the Palestinians in how they are never satisfied by any move to work with them and ascribe all manner of evil to the actions of their opponents even as their opponents do what they have requested. As for McCain, he is merely being contrarian to the contrarians to make a distinction. I don't for one minute believe he is sincere


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