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Friday, January 26, 2007

Sex Offender Enrolles in Seventh Grade Class

All I can say about this story is "Is this a sick world or what?"

A convicted sex offender attended at least two Arizona middle schools, sat through seventh-grade courses and turned in homework as he moved around the state pretending to be 12 years old, officials say.

The guy is 29 years old! He not only conned some schools into admitting him as a 7th grade student but he was helped by two men he was living with who also thought he was a kid.

The sheriff's office there said Rodreick conned two men he was living with and having sex with into believing he was a young boy. One of them, 61-year-old Lonnie Stiffler, called himself Rodreick's grandfather when he tried to enroll him at Mingus Springs as "Casey Price."...

... Authorities say Stiffler and Robert James Snow, 43, met Rodreick online, thinking he was a preteen, took him from Oklahoma to Arizona and carried on a sexual relationship with him. They were arrested after authorities served a search warrant at their Chino Valley home Thursday along with Brian J. Nellis, 34, a friend who authorities say followed Rodreick from Oklahoma to Arizona.

This creep's "grandfather"/gay lover/fellow pedophile is 61 years old. You have to wonder how many other children's lives this old child molester has ruined in his sixty years. The whole crew are convicted child molesters. One would think there is a better way to keep these beasts away from children other than just registration. I've suggested it before and reiterate it here. Stick them all on an island somewhere if you're too squeamish to put a bullet in their heads. Personally I choose the bullet.

It is a good thing this did not happen in Vermont where restorative justice has infected the judiciary to the point that they are letting these slime walk the streets with short sentances and probation so they can be "rehabilitated."


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