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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Where are the Real Leaders

What with Tucker, the Big White Dog, running for president I have been giving much thought to the nation's future. The problem that I see is a lack of real leadership at all levels. The political arena is overrun with weenies and nit wits who are ate up with politically correct nonsense. The public education system seems incapable of teaching anything because they have given up any willingness to exert authority in the classroom and the justice system is filled with judges that are more interested in "interpreting" the Constitution rather than applying the Constitution to the law. The solution of course is for a generation of real leaders who's principles and not their personal interests drive their policies. The only place that I see these people coming from is from the home and private schools.

Home schoolers in particular are demonstrating a constant advantage in academic achievement. The first wave of significant numbers is just entering the workforce. In a few years they will be in positions of authority where they will directly effect the hiring decisions of corporations and government agencies. Since many will have graduated from minor collages that are not so infected by the PC nonsense that the many Study's departments inflict on all levels of instruction in the major universities, they will be less inclined to accept an Ivy League diploma as an automatic qualification for hire. The result will be the second wave of hoe schoolers will then out pace the rest of the population in academic, private and official achievements that they will dominate the decision making positions giving us an opportunity at regaining the vitality that is being lost by the established institutions. All of this is predicated on our ability to survive the onslaught of Islam and illegal immigration until then.

These are just my thoughts. I look forward to any opinions for or against.


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