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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

National Guard Retreats From Armed Illegals

The politicians have discovered that the National Guard troops stationed on our border with Mexico are just widow dressing. The revelation came when it was reported that four members of the Tennessee National Guard retreated from armed illegals who were crossing just a few yards from their observation post.

The House Committee on Homeland Security and Property Rights at the Arizona Legislature has been grilling the head of the Arizona National Guard, Maj. Gen. David Rataczak over why the troops did nothing to stop the incursion other than call for back up. The General responded truthfully that the men did as they had been instructed.

It is no secret that the National Guard troops on the border are just window dressing. The politicians are either not doing their job or are willfully ignorant of the fact. It is highly unfair of the politicians to want to blame the General and his troops for following the stupid rules that were placed on them by politicians from the very beginning. If they had been doing their jobs as representatives they would have complained last year when it was announced that the Guard was going simply in a support capacity with no enforcement authority. They would do a greater service to be grilling Washington for pretending to enforce the security of our border than complaining to the General for the troops obeying their orders.


Sean over at My Errent Mind points out the possable reasons and solutions for the governmennt's unwillingness to secure the border.

http://vanishingamerican.blogspot.com/2007/01/brazenness-on-border.htmlhas Excerpts from the transcripts of Lou Dobbs Tonight dealing with this subject.

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