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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nifong's Bed is Made

It has to be frustrating to be a liberal. Political correctness requires one give aid and comfort to the oppressed but sometimes the template does not fit. Such is the situation District Attorney Michael B. Nifong finds himself in. His reactionary response to the accusations of a black woman that she had been raped by rich white collage boys fit the template of white patriarchal oppression perfectly. The problem is that the accusations are looking a lot like something one would find in a steaming pile out in a pasture. Evidence be damned this is a matter of social justice.

Unfortunately for Mr. Knifing lofty goals of social justice still require some foundation of truth when applied to individual cases. As each rock is overturned new revelations of "We haven't done that before," pop out. Yet it has taken the authorities in charge of oversight on these matters ten months to get around to doing something about them.

Screwy ideologies have a way of becoming their own pitfalls. Having positioned himself as the defender of an oppressed woman Nifong has willingly put the millstone around his neck. Now that it is apparent to anyone looking objectively at the evidence that Nifong's crusade is just collateral damage left over from his reelection campaign the North Carolina Bar is giving him the shove into the sea.

Someday liberals will understand that they can't even the score. In fact by trying to do so they make the situation worse. When they accept that individual actions require individual responsibility they may find that the troubles of the past will fade and people will take care of themselves. But if that were to happen we wouldn't need liberals anymore.


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