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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Absurdity Reigns in the Immigration Debate

It is hard to find nonsense as deep as the drivel offered to justify illegal immigration. Yesterday in Richmond, VA was the end of a protest event that focused on the 50 various bills moving through the legislature dealing with illegal immigration. Such groups as "Mexicanos Sin Fronteras" or Mexicans Without Borders were appalled that students who were not legal citizens would not receive in state tuition rates for collage, the same restriction American citizens are denied if they do not live in Virginia.

Then we have the Real ID act that is becoming the national ID card. This project, which forces the citizens to provide the government with proof of their identity, threatens to severely impact our ability to move about freely while doing nothing to stop the flow of illegals across our border. There is already a huge underground market in false documents. This piece of legislation will only increase the value of such an endeavor. The cost? $11 Billion, or 5 times the cost of building the 700 miles of fence that the politicians say is too expensive.

The most absurd situation however is the zealous prosecution of law enforcement officers such as Edwards County Deputy Sheriff Guillermo F. Hernandez who is facing sentencing for having fired his weapon at a vehicle that was used by illegal immigrants to try and run him down.

Rep. Ted Poe, Texas Republican, called the prosecution and conviction of Hernandez, known to his friends as "Gilmer," "another example of how the federal government is more concerned about people [who are] illegally invading America than it is about the men who protect America."
It appears to me that the thing to do is join the theater of the absurd and loose all my documents and become illegal. The government then would be working for my interests rather than against them.


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