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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 20 Forty Day ‘Pray for Iran’ Campaign.

As a result of so many Iranians living outside Iran, many thousands have come to Christ and Iranian fellowships have sprung up in many countries throughout Europe, North America and elsewhere.

Some countries have been particularly strategic in reaching out to Iranians and for almost 20 years there has been a very fruitful work done there through the Iranian fellowships.

In other countries, not all the scattered believers have access to a local Iranian fellowship and because of lack of knowledge of the local language they sometimes struggle in their faith. However, access to literature and other resources can help and in particular satellite television broadcasts are very helpful.

Conferences take place from time to time in many countries and these have proved invaluable to help foster Christian growth.

With this in mind, let us pray today that God will strengthen and expand the Iranian Church in the Diaspora:

* Pray for the pastoral support and discipleship of an increasing number of believers in the Diaspora. Pray for the distribution of literature and other resources to help Christian growth including correspondence courses and Christian magazines. Pray for isolated believers with no access to an Iranian fellowship.

* Pray for the growth and development of the many Iranian fellowships scattered throughout many countries. Praise the Lord for an increasing number of Iranian workers who are now involved in Church ministry throughout the Diaspora. Pray for these pastors and leaders and pray for unity within each fellowship and also for unity between the different fellowships in each country. Pray for various conferences taking place this summer.

* Pray also for the increasing number of Iranian workers who are involved in other Christian ministries throughout the Diaspora. Some are involved in translation work, including the translation of the Scriptures into Persian and minority languages, literature production, and preparation of programs for radio broadcasts and satellite television.

* Pray for the training of new leaders. In a few places Bible Schools in the Persian language exist and in other places training programs by extension are taking place. Pray for those involved in the ministry of teaching and training. Pray also that as the church grows more Iranian Christians will be raised to go back and serve the Lord in Iran.



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