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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reid Calls for More Intelligence Oversight

Sen. Harry Reid made a call for stiffer reporting requirements for the president and the intelligence community at the Yearly Kos. This is the first annual national meeting of the tinfoil hat community. In his prepared remarks he mentioned the usual mantra on Iraq but added that this increased reporting is necessary now that Iran is the focus.

"All of us as Americans need to review how the Bush Administration cherry-picked and hyped the case for war with Iraq to sell it to Congress and the American people, so we can make sure it never happens again," Reid said.

Two things he forgot to mention in his speech. That one of the threats to the security of our intelligence efforts has lately been the Congress and when the intel was given to congress before the Iraq war Sen. Reid was not one of the six Senators who actually read the document didn't get mention. While the Kos Kids at the conference may have got all excited over the Senator's chanting of their creed, the rest of us best hope that nit wits such as the Senator don't get to run things any time soon.


Blogger andrewodom said...

I was at the keynote tonight and was able to record the whole thing on my Evoca.com account. Feel free to check it out. I think you would enjoy it.

Were you there at the convention? Any thoughts? Feel free to email me!

Oh, the recording....


2:01 AM  

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