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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 17 Forty Day ‘Pray for Iran’ Campaign.

Praise God for many wonderful things about family life in Iran.

Nearly every Iranian grows up surrounded by a sizeable number of relatives including grand-parents, uncles, aunties and cousins. Iranians are renowned for exuberant hospitality, and families and friends spend much time in large parties and colourful celebrations. Family picnics are also a favourite pastime.

However, as in all societies, many families in Iran go through much suffering. During the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) one million people were killed, including many young boys, meaning a large number of families in Iran lost loved ones. This is still very painful for people to deal with.

There are also many broken marriages in Iran. Divorce is on the increase and is now about 8%. However, there are many more unhappy marriages. Because of Islamic law, children usually end up in the father’s custody in a divorce and therefore many mothers live in terribly unhappy marriages so that they can raise their children. Family life is put under extra strain because many fathers need to have two or three jobs to make ends meet and are therefore hardly ever at home.

The good news is that whole families in Iran are now coming to Christ. While it is still very difficult for some new Christians to tell their family that they have become followers of Christ, many are sharing their faith with their loved ones. In some cases many members of the extended family have become Christian and one of primary ways the Gospel is spreading in Iran today is through family networks.

Let’s pray now with real fervency for families in Iran:

* Pray that the Gospel will continue to spread across Iran through family networks. Pray that new Christians will be bold and will share the Gospel with love and humility with their families.

* Pray especially for those who are still the only Christians in their families. Pray the Gospel will shine through their lives and that relatives will notice the difference Christ makes. Pray they are faithful and have wisdom when they have opportunities to speak.

* Pray for marriages and families in Iran. Pray the love of Christ will flow through many broken families and bring healing and restoration.



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