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Friday, June 09, 2006

China Detains 28 Christians

The Motion Picture Association of America shares with the government of Communist China a concern that people should be protected from an insidious philosophy. The danger they wish to shield people from is Christianity. The MPAA just gave a film a PG rating because of its evangelical theme. The Communist Chinese however are rounding up Christians who do not worship as the government dictates.

Recently the Chinese raided a house church arresting the pastor and two women who were the hosts for the church. The members have been fined $200 each. A legal services group has agreered to take the case of the church members and their leaders.

China has persecuted the church since the Communists gained control. As in other countries and other times this antagonism has served only to strengthen the church in China. At some point the church will outlast the government, either by surviving until a new government forms or until the present government gets tired of trying to defeat the unconquerable.



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