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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Miller and Webb Nothing to Offer in Senate Race

The Democrats running for the nomination to run against George Allen for Virginia's junior Senate seat have worked very hard to demonstrate why neither of them should be elected. For the most part they have spent their campaigns trying to prove who is the real Democrat rather than put forward any proposals addressing the issues of the day. Not that they haven't mentioned them. It's just that the discussions have centered around which candidate is the real Democrat.

While one claims to be the champion of black people the other has been waving the white flag as the soution for the war in Iraq since before it started. Which makes them both bona fide Democrats, one a race panderer, the other a surrender monkey. But the culmination of the nit wittery in this campaign was the cartoon put out by the Webb campaign.

It's not that the cartoon was made for Union members who the candidate might think need the be communicated with in cartoon form, or that the message conveyed by the flier is one of extreme ignorance of the jobs issue but that Miller could only see a stereotype of a Jew in it. Can't be too surprised by that coming from the candidate who sees race as a determinate for special attention by government.

So who would I vote for? It really doesn't matter, neither has a chance and thank goodness for that. With opponants such as these it makes supporting George Allen an easy choice.

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