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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Maryland Democrats Reject Photo ID at Polls

Maryland legislators are in a battle over voting security in upcoming elections in the state. The Republicans want votes to present a photo ID at their polling place before voting. The Democrats want to allow voting with provisional ballots and drop any ID requirement. Since the Senate of Maryland is dominated by Democrats they were able to dump the ID bill. The average person might not see anything wrong with showing an ID. The integrity of the voting process is not a difficult concept to grasp. Yet Sen. Delores G. Kelley, Baltimore County Democrat actually said "she was 'really frightened' by the photo ID requirement" Her fear might be that she can't get elected unless people who should not be voting can. Her claim that people are intimidated by such a requirement is nonsense. The only reason someone would not want to have to show their ID would be if they had no reason to be there or they were not who they claimed to be.

What the Democrats are protecting is their natural constituency. It's a theme that plays out in every election. They know that citizens by and large do not share their radical ideas. If that were not the case they would not need to resort to the courts to force their nonsense on the public. Just look at Georgia where civil rights groups are trying to stop the enforcing of an ID law for voting there. So they must protect that voting block they find most dependable, the incarcerated, the illegal and the interred. How else does one justify their enthusiasm for getting felons to vote, illegal immigrants amnesty and provisional ballots.



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