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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mexican Colonists Protest Illegal Immigration Law

Thousands of people demonstrated in LA , Phoenix and other US cities protesting a bill that would make Illegal immigration a felony rather that a civil crime. Even the organizers were surprised by the turnout. It was a very visible example of the magnitude of the problem we face in defending our sovereignty. Many carried Mexican and other South American flags and were chanting Mexico! Mexico!.
Wearing white shirts to symbolize peace, marchers chanted "Mexico!" "USA!" and "Si se puede," an old Mexican-American civil rights shout that means "Yes, we can." They waved the flags of the U.S., Mexico and other countries, and some wore them as capes.

In a previous post I highlighted the legal changes that the Mexican government has made to preserve the loyalty and citizenship of its people who live in America, both legally and illegally. There is little effort to hide the desire of Mexico to reclaim the Southwest United States. This is why they are supporting the massive assault on our southern border by their own people.

The large turnout has President Bush trying to pacify a more restless legislature with speeches about enforcing current law first and securing the border before changing immigration law. While this is all good news the proof is in the bills he supports and signs.

This bill that the Colonists form Mexico are protesting is still insufficient for dealing with the problem. Making Illegal entry a more serious crime will not do much to deter or apprehend the violators. If anything it will complicate matters. What is needed is for Congress to bite the bullet and appropriate funds to build and maintain a fence on our border with Mexico. Then as we need fewer personnel to guard the border we can then do what's necessary to deal with the people that are discovered to already be here.

Immigration is not the problem as much as the apologists for the colonist would like to say it is. Nor is the claim that they do work Americans won't. It is the illegal flood of people that plagues us. What is happening to our economy is a depreciation of wages at the low end of the scale. Entry level work is becoming scares because the illegal population is competing unfairly and in large numbers. In an economy that has 96% employment the addition of thousands of workers every day seeking entry level work by crossing illegally only adds downward pressure to the wages offered at the low end. This situation slows the upward movement of legal residents by limiting their opportunities to enter the job market to begin building skills for advancement. This is however secondary to the main problem we face which is the active colonization of our nation by a neighbor. If we do not deal decisively with this issue now we may find in the not too distant future that we must deal with a secessionist movement.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are criminals, they keep wages low, suck our schools system dry, along with the medical system.
They pay no taxes,(they send millions of $$$ back to Mexico which is why the Mexican goverment will not stop the flow of illegals) they don't contribute to the "good" of the country.
They should have NO rights to anything in this country, they are criminals and should be treated according.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Cyndi said...

anonymous... i say fuck you. criminals?? If striving to do the best you can with your life and helping out those you love that are not able to do so themselves was made illegal, would you speak out against that? Suck your school system dry? Someone who doesnt have papers is not entitled to an education? Keep your wages low??wut the fuck, you aint got the balls to compete for jobs against these people bcuz ur weak. thats y ur scared of them coming over- they are stronger than you. its ok to have people from mexico working the fields and doing the crappy jobs but its not ok. for them to reap the benefits? bull-fucken-shit

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cyndi, your lack of the ability to actually make a reasonable argument and stop using the work "fuck" speaks volumes. You make no valid points and your "arguments" are completely emotional and not based in fact.

Illegal immigrants are exactly that. Illegal. If we put 10 million people on a boat and shipped them to, let's say, Portugal, France, Germany or just about any other country on the face of the planet who showed up on their doorstep wanting jobs, healthcare, education and eventually citizenship, it would be considered an act of war.

We may need immigrants in this country to do work that "the rest of us don't want to", but there are plenty of individuals across the globe who would be willing to follow the proper procedures in order to get here. If the procedures for coming here to work are not functioning, then they should be changed so they do. But allowing people to come here illegally doesn't do anything good for the country.

Those that are here working should be allowed to apply for guest worker status, but not allowed to become citizens because they broke the law to come here and should have to go home after a certain time. Those still in their home countries who want to become guest workers should be allowed to come here, and should be allowed to work for citizenship and become legal after meeting requirements, like paying taxes, not breaking the law, etc. Employers who hire illegals should have to pay very heavy fines to make it no longer worth it to hire those without proper authorization to work here. But ultimately, you will never be able to control the tide of any illegal immigration if there continue to be rewards for breaking the law.

A different Anonymous than that above...

10:40 PM  

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