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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Tin Foil Sombrero Crowd

The large demonstrations over the weekend have brought to the surface the illegal immigrant version of the moon bat. The old standbys were there such as La Raza and Atzlan but one I was not aware off looks particularly batty. They call themselves the Mexica Movement. They are your typical indigenous racial purity group that calls it's opponents Nazis. There seems to be a theme there. I continue to wonder at the disconnect when groups support any kind of racially based separation or claim of homeland while calling critics Nazis. The anti war crowd sees unified in their desire to see Israel destroyed calling them occupiers of the Palestinian homeland yet they equate Bush with Hitler. I know, I shouldn't expect logic or reason to be operative with these nut jobs, but I can't help shaking my hear ruefully.

Here are a few photos from the demonstration. They have plenty more at their web site. Definitely check it out.



Anonymous brokengun said...

Placing the two flags thus indicates a state of war between the nations represented.
Our Senate has become such a bunch of Franco-philes we'll probably surrender. Apparently that's what they're tryin' to do.
For nuts on the other side, one of which I am rapidly becoming, may I suggest //rwva.org/

7:49 PM  

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