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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Senators Back Guest Workers

In an effort to meet the midnight deadline set by Sen. Frist the Senate Judiciary approved a law supposedly to deal with illegal immigration.

With Republicans deeply divided, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on Monday to legalize the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants and ultimately to grant them citizenship, provided that they hold jobs, pass criminal background checks, learn English and pay fines and back taxes.

Sen. Kennedy was quite impressed with himself after voting for this bill that bares his and Sen. McCain's names as sponsors. It seems to me his celebration is misplaced. The question I have to ask is this:

"How does the Senate expect people who broke the law to come here to get in line to 'hold jobs, pass criminal background checks, learn English and pay fines and back taxes'?"

Especially when the same senators who support this legislation argue that it is necessary because we can't possibly find and deport all these people. when these people forget to show up and comply with this new law are we just magically going to find them and deport them? Of course the answer is no because doing something about illegal is not the object of this bill. Both sides of the isle think they can buy votes with this legislation from the grateful masses of Mexican colonists that will get a free pass to stay.


Anonymous old 'n Cranky said...

>>... learn English....<<

Testing that one will be a hoot.......

2:21 PM  

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