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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Whiny French Go on General Strike.

If whiny children grow up to be conservatives than why are the French socialist? A study published in the Journal of Research Into Personality by Berkeley Prof. Jack Block claims whiny and insecure children grow up to be conservative. With all the simpering and public tantrums one would think they would have grown up to be staunch capitalists. According to the Wash Post this unfortunately is not the case.

They just can't abide the government's effort to give employers the discretion to fire non performing employees in the first two years of their employment. They feel quite put upon since this would make young people actually work for two years before they can cruse to retirement. In France that would make them the only people among the employed having to work. So to force the government to withdraw such an unfair work requirement the labor unions have called a general strike and car burning demonstration.

Perhaps Prof. Block might have looked to see if whiny children who didn't grow up became French.

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