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Friday, November 21, 2008

UN to Stop the Somali Pirates

I first wrote about the Somali Pirates three years ago. It seemed like an odd situation that would be handled quickly, except that America was busy. The UN and other international organizations applied the same remedies to this problem that they have to all others, they let it fester while making it impossible for the victims to protect themselves.

Arming the merchant ships makes too much sense. Like the politicians here who try to disarm the law abiding citizens because they want to address the rising crime rate, the international nitwits will not allow merchants to enter ports armed. So they are left to deal with pirates with RPGs armed with only a shotgun and pistol. What harm would it do to allow merchants to mount a rotary cannon on the bridge? Cut a few pirate boats in two and let the sharks clean up the mess and the pirates will go back to robbing farmers like they were last year. Since nothing has been done to stop them every one with a boat and five friends with automatic weapons has become a pirate.

Don't despair. The UN Security Council is coming to the rescue.

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to impose new sanctions meant to reduce the flow of arms into Somalia and the lawlessness and piracy that have flourished there.

How incredibly clueless are these people? Somalia is a stinking whole and their only solution is sanctions? It is a wonder that the Troglodytes of this world have not yet taken over.

I'm thinking that to make it in this world I'll either get a ship loaded with 20 mm cannons and a sign that says "For Rent" and sit out in the Indian Ocean or buy a parrot and an eye patch.


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