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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Official Vote Fraud Continues in Ohio

If it was not apparent that Democratic Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner was actively helping voter fraud efforts in her state, her sending the Attorney General to appeal to the US Supreme Court to relieve her of a Tuesday decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit should remove any doubt. All the Sixth Circuit demanded of her was that she do her job. The problem for her is that would result in a loss of many of the fraudulent voter registrations that have been dumped on the state by Obama supporters.

The Sixth Circuit on Tuesday had directed Brunner to give local elections officials ready and direct access by Friday to computerized lists of new voters whose registrations do not match state driver records or Social Security information. A 2002 federal law required states to create a statewide database of voter registration information and to verify new voter information by crossmatching it with the other public records.

Ohio counties do not have an easy way to view their mismatches in the current system, court testimony had shown.

Brunner had said adapting Ohio's voter registration system to accomplish that change would require a few days of work on software programming at a time when a surge of voter registrations also are arriving.

What is this person in office to do? It is stunning that she would go to the Supreme Court to ask that she not have to do a few days work to secure the integrity of the vote in Ohio. How hypocritical for one who holds a Profile in Courage award for her work on election integrity coupled with her law practice focusing on the same.

She needs to be removed from office if she won't do her job.

Update: 10:05 am As I was posting this it has come over the news that there are 200,000 disputed registrations in Ohio.Ms. Brunner needs to get off her but and get to work.


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