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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Great Expectations

Bryan Pick over at Q&O blog has expressed his reaction to this election in the very same manner as I find myself.
What am I doing now, then, in lieu of respectfully joining the celebration? The same thing I've been doing for some time now: thinking.

* I'm thinking about the war in which we are engaged.
* I'm thinking about the financial crisis, and quite frankly I'm thinking about the men who caused a sharp recession to sink into the Great Depression.
* I'm thinking about Supreme Court justices who I believe will, for the rest of their lives, do violence to my fellow Americans' liberties.
* I'm thinking about taxes, and what they'll do to members of my family.
* I'm thinking about all the Democrats who have insisted that the greater their advantage in power over Republicans, the more they will reach across the aisle, so to speak.
* I'm thinking about how to perform a holding action against a Democrat-dominated government.
* I'm thinking about entitlements (including refundable tax credits) that will create their own constituencies of dependents, and become stubbornly entrenched.
* I'm thinking about the other legislative "positive feedback loops" that the Democrats may pass now, rubber-stamping one after the other, to shift the political landscape itself in their favor.
* I'm thinking of the movement we must build to overcome those feedback loops, and to minimize and perhaps reverse this damage.

I also wonder as he does what the masses will be doing when they find the expectations of the campaign are a far cry from the delivered results. Of course any problems will be blamed on the Republicans no matter how much time elapses.



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Anonymous Old 'n Cranky said...

>>I also wonder as he does what the masses will be doing when they find the expectations of the campaign are a far cry from the delivered results.<<

You mean when the folks find out there really is no Obama-Claus?

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord knows Republiclaus has had a field day taking away American civil liberties on a witch hunt turned war. I'm far less afraid of Obama than I am of four more years of Republican lies and repression.

1:45 PM  

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