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Saturday, July 26, 2008


25 July 2008

Barack Hussein Obama, potentially my opponent in the upcoming presidential election, was right when he said we should be embarrassed about our language skills. When in France we can only say, "Merci boucoups," he said.

However, our language proficiency right here in the United States is much more embarrassing. In many of our cities, English is a second language - second to Spanish and "jive talk." English dictionaries are plentiful. They explain the spelling, meaning and pronunciation of all the words in the English language; and many dictionaries contain appendices for grammar and punctuation as well. But, some individuals, determined not to be like "gringos" or "whitey," deliberately abuse the language even though refusal to speak English well is counterproductive for the individual. Perhaps as many as 11 million of our Hispanic citizens and 20 million of our black citizens speak English poorly or not at all.

As for comparison of our culture with the Europeans', polite pity toward them would be appropriate, not personal embarrassment. But, we might also acknowledge that we see them as a harbinger of what we will be like if we continue down the road away from our Constitution and toward socialism.

As a soldier, I served twice in Europe, 1948-1951 and 1956-1959, and I saw no reason to be embarrassed about being just an English-speaking American among multilingual Europeans.

All my life, I've heard that many Europeans look on us as the uncultured, Ugly Americans and how sophisticated the Europeans are. But, really, how sophisticated are they? The Germans fell for the oratory and pageantry of Herr Shickelgruber, and followed him to their doom and the demise of the Third Reich. They listened to John F.Kennedy and Ronald Reagan speak in Berlin about freedom and individual liberty; and The Wall came down. Can they discern now the significance of Senator Obama's message to the German people? Do they realize he advocates international socialism and Sharia law-like global conformity?

Today, we are telling the world that this erstwhile freedom-loving country is considering electing president some one who hates this country and has communist friends and associates; e.g., Frank Davis and Bill Ayers. Now, that's embarassing.

Very Respectfully,

Obadiah Baldwin Eagle, "Old Baldy"
Candidate for the US Presidency


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