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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Hillary Offensive

The fight is starting.

Hillary won the Florida and Michigan primaries by being the only name on the ballot in states that the Democrat Party punished for not adhering to its rules by blocking their delegates from the convention. Her surrogates are now pressing for those delegates to be seated.

The rules committee can decide to do just that so the political maneuvering to stack the committee is in full sing. This is typical of an organization that has elevated politics over principle.

Unfortunately for the Party they have maneuvered themselves into a corner that they cannot escape without a fight. If they seat the delegates they risk offending Obama supporters who will rightly claim a dirty trick to benefit Cliton by the establishment within the Party. If they do not seat them they will face the same howls of disenfranchisement they leveled after the 2000 election that "every vote must count." Underlying all this is the racial politics that the Democrat Party has exploited for decades.

The leader of the NAACP, Julian Bond is pressing the seat the delegates. This is more evidence that that organization is nothing more that a wing of the Democrat Party. With a vast majority of Black voters supporting Obama, Bond's argument that not seating the delegate is discriminatory to black people rings hollow. Overlooking the pledges the candidates made to not campaign in those states and giving these delegates to Hillary while she is trailing Obama will cause many Black Democrats to feel betrayed by the Party. Add to this unhappy scenario there is Howard Dean, the head of the Party looking to bring the whole mess to an early conclusion. Hillary is not going away so one can assume he will press Obama to back off.

There is an air of expectation among Democrat voters. The bitter fight looming will deflate that and give us two useless parties with a shattered Democrat Party and a McCain Presidency cementing the liberals in the Republican Party.


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Anonymous PHenry said...

It will be great big fun watching the Democrats tear themselves up at the convention.
Up until now the Clinton's ruthlessness, corruption, and sour partisanship has been directed at Republicans, so it has been just great to the left.
Lets see how much they still like it once it is directed at their new messiah, the man who gives them hope.
After she kicks him to the curb and steps over him on the way to her rightful place as our overlord.
Hopefully, some of them will come to realize that maybe character DOES count for something...

8:17 PM  

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