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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vote in Virginia

Finally election day has arrived in Virginia. Our state politicians are elected on off years so we get to be harassed by hopeful demagogues every year. This year the choice for most seats has been between big spending Democrats and big spending Republicans so my enthusiasm is not what it normally is at this time of year. The big bug under the carpet however has been the death of our Congressman.

Joanne Davis succumbed to Breast cancer with one year left In her term. To find a replacement we are having a mass meeting and convention. I have devised a method of sorting out the myriad of candidates all calling me to let me know they are the next Reagan. If they call me with one of their recorded messages on Sunday, I take the name down on my list so when I can tell them why I'm not supporting them at the meeting.

The good thing about election day is the phone calls will end for a little while. The bad thing is I will have to heat my house with something besides the propaganda I have been getting in the mail and the legislature will once more be populated. It is frustrating because voting for politicians only encourages them.


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