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Friday, February 16, 2007

Tom Davis RINO

Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia has his sights on the governor's mansion. His recent vote in favor of the resolution to oppose the troop surge in Iraq has ended any support he may have received from me. It is weenie Republicans such as Mr. Davis and Sen. John Warner that drove me from the party several years ago. It was frustrating to see elected Republicans actively undermined by the "big tent " Republicans who have consistently delivered victories to the Democrats while back stabbing the conservatives that brought the party into the majority for the first time in forty years. Tom Davis has played into the hands of the same people who betrayed the South Vietnamese when Congress voted to cut funds to that country in spite of the promises to stand behind them if the North ever invaded again. The problem this time is our own troops will have Congress pull the rug out from underneath them. Say what you will I do not see how this vote can be considered patriotic.


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Anonymous PHenry said...

Tom Davis was our county council chairman in the early days of his career here in Fairfax. He ran against a long time incumbent named Audrey Moore. His slogan was 'No Moore Taxes'. He won mainly based on that stand, as Ms. Moore was a typical big spending liberal.

Within months of taking office, Mr. Davis proposed and endorsed a tax on all restaruant meals. No Moore taxes, just Davis taxes. It was a blatant betrayal of anyone who supported him.

Since that time I have refused to vote for Tom Davis. Usually that meant no vote for that seat, although one of the very few Democrat votes I have ever cast was that first election he ran for the congress.

Tom Davis is not to be trusted, and he has once again badly betrayed those who trusted and voted for him. And he has vindicated the grudge I have held against him all these years.

I am proud that I don't vote for Tom Davis.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Xyba said...

I know many conservatives that from Prince William County that worked hard to get him elected the first time. I was one. The disapointment is great. I also can say with pride, and have done so to Republican party members I have worked with on other campigns, that I have never voted for John Warner, except for the first time he ran, either.

10:27 AM  

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