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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chinese Star War

Translating into or from Chinese is always a tricky proposition but to translate English into Chinese and then from Chinese back into English could be a disaster. For an example, Jeremy @ winterson.com bought a bootleg copy of The Revenge of the Sith or as its translated title reads, Backstroke of the West. Check out the screen caps with the English sub titles. Here is one example:

You have to see the rest here.

Or check out the signs and labels at Tony Wheeler's blog.


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Anonymous brokengun said...

My copy of the Lighthorsemen has Chinese subtitles in two dialects. However it is in the English subtitles where I found the worst miscarriages. (Not that I could tell ya a bloody thing about the Chinese ones.) I'm not an Austrailian, but even I could tell the subtitles bore no relation to what the characters actually said.
Who does the subtitles anyway?

10:10 PM  

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