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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Giuliani is Just Another Liberal

Anyone who has any doubts about Giuliani's weakness on the US Constitution should listen to this video over at Blogonomicon. This antipathy toward the Second Amendment plus being pro abortion and pro Gay marriage and one has to ask "What liberal part of Giuliani can a conservative swallow?" Right now there is no credible conservative candidate for president. Thankfully there is still plenty of time. Yes he did a fine job after 9/11 but is that all we need for president? Certainly respect for the rights of the citizens protected by the Constitution should be right up there at the top of requirements.


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Anonymous PHenry said...

I understand the reluctance about Rudy due to his gun control past and his pro abortion positions.
But don't forget what he did in NY as governor, after the Dinkins adminstration, which followed years and years of democrat rule. New york was a cesspool. Muggings in the streets, on the subway, homeless would intimidate people in their cars, the window washers ruled every corner.

Gulliani was constantly attacked, as bad as Bush has been, while he very quickly turned NY back in to the greatest city in the world. He cleaned up times square, he ran off the mob, he was as conservative as you could want, and he made fools out of every one of the liberal naysayers who screamed bloody murder every step of the way.

Then 911 happened. And he handled it like he was born for it. He helped the whole country, the whole world, in those first few days.

He is a born leader, and he is right on the war on terror, and he will not back down.

He has promised, and I think his record shows, that he supports strict constructionists on the supreme court. That is all I need to know to get past his personal pro abortion stand.

And as far as I'm concerned, I prefer a man who has his beliefs, states them without spin, and stands by them. I'll take that kind of character over agreeing on every issue.

Besides, after Rudy got cancer and had to drop out of the race against Hillary (that he had won) I just can't WAIT for the rematch.

Now if we can get Newt to be VP, to temper some of Rudy's edges, we got something great brewing.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous brokengun said...

Could we trust Newt around the interns?
Republicans in general and conservatives in particular will need an "A" league player as our candidate in '08, not someone for whom excuses and lengthy explainations must be made, or we'll lose big.
Currently all I've seen seem to be junior varsity.

7:20 PM  

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