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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Am Owned by a Pyrenees

On Monday my wife went to South Carolina to be with her mother for a week. I anticipated I might find some extra time to blog a bit more while I was here alone. I do have to take care of the farm and all but I should still find time that needs filling, right? Not with Tucker my big white dog.

See the dog in the picture? He's a Great Pyrenees. He's near as big as I am. See the fence in the background? It also has wire mesh on it. One would think I could keep him from wandering the neighborhood. Not! What free time I have has been spent either looking for him or looking for the latest breach in the fence. It took me an hour to go to the post office which is three miles from the farm. Fifteen minutes to go get the mail after forty five minutes chasing the dog all over town. As soon as I try leave he squirts through the fence like it was no there.

I now empathize with Col. Klink of the sitcom Hogan's Heroes. I want to change the name of the farm from Morning Glory Farm to Fortress Morning Glory because of the extent of the effort to keep the big white dog inside the fence. Like the inmates of Stalag 13 however he comes and goes at will. I fully expect to find a hollow tree stump made into an escape hatch out in our woods. By the time Mary gets back I may have attached a ball and chain to his leg. I' just afraid that I will find the latch undone and the dog running free. I've taken to buying lotto tickets in hopes of wnning enough money to build a brick wall around the place. I should add a moat so and undermineing he does will be flooded. If I find something that works I might tell Homeland Security so they can use it on the border.

I wouldn't mind him wandering so much if he didn't have this habit of standing in the middle of the road after he's finished with his jaunt about town. He has found that by doing so he gets a free ride home. Too tired to walk the rest of the way I guess. He does it so regularly that I just drive out to the road and wait for him to show up. Sure enough he'll pop out and just stand there waiting for his ride.

How come I'm so easily trained by a dog?


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Anonymous old 'n Cranky said...

>>I just drive out to the road and wait for him to show up<<

Who says training doesnt work?

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Kim Buhl said...

I enjoyed reading about Tucker. I gave my neighbor the link to your blog. :)

8:52 AM  

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