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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

U.N. Finger Wagging on N. Korea to Continue

Japan is done fooling around with North Korea. They have submitted a resolution that would call on all member nations of the UN to stop "acquiring North Korean missiles or weapons of mass destruction — or the parts or technology to produce them — and orders all countries to take steps to prevent any material, technology or money for missile or weapons programs from reaching the North." In light of the recent events one would think this to be a no brainer, but the rest of the world wants desperately to rely on vigorous finger wagging to do the job.

The natural conclusion is the status quo with North Korea's relationship with other nations is either not as threatening as it would seem, or more profitable than the change that restrictions would bring. The Japanese realize that they are on the chopping block as far as NK is concerned so their options are clear. The UN, touted to be a all for one, one for all organization is showing itself to be a head in the sand hostage to the interests of rouge nations.

What countries have accomplished or been prevented from doing anything in pursuit of their own interest by the efforts of the UN? It is a huge organization that swallows resources and produces more trouble that it solves. The nations of the UN are willing to let Japan do the dirty work while they all sit back and criticize, pontificate and display false outrage while putting stumbling blocks in Japan's way for their own benefit. When the smoke clears and all the work is done the UN will sweep in and begin the long process of making matters worse all over again.



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