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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Leftist Make Threats as Mexico Awaits Recount

In Mexico the left is following it's standard pattern when losing an election, cry fraud and threaten violence. They say because of Mexico's history of election corruption that this election is also suspect. The problem with this argument is it assumes they are untainted by any fraud on their part. If they have a gripe it is their people were not able to stuff the ballot box sufficiently to overcome the opposition. Undeterred by any hint of hypocrisy they are willing to unleash the rioters the left has always relied on in to grasp power back when it slips from their incompetent hands.

With a 400,000 vote margin a lot of non sense would have to have occurred to swing the result. Like the American left's efforts in the 2000 Presidential election in Florida the Mexican left will end up looking ridiculous before it is over. Mexico can only hope that the mask will be pulled from the left enough to convince people to not be seduced by their socialist rhetoric and avert the disaster of the 1970's. It was then that high oil prices gave Mexico an opportunity to solve its fiscal mess only to squander it on a massive social spending campaign that brought the country to the brink when oil prices came back down. The same window is open again. If the left can be contained, Mexico may develop a functioning economy that can free itself from the price of oil and the flow of cash from Mexican's living in the US.



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