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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ruthless Training at the Inferno

I have been a farrier for 27 years. About 6 years ago I began cutting back on my workload because it was physically waering me out. This last winter I began to workout at the Inferno by the CrosssFit trainers there. They have a system that very quickly began to restore the strength and stamina that I thought was lost to me. I had tried doing workouts at public gyms where I went from one machine to another but did not get the kind of results that I did with Ruthless training. It makes the whole body fit, not body building but body strenthening. Then couple this with the combative training such as boxing, AMOK! Knife fighting, Fencing and other such offerings combined with olymic lifting and one gets a very practical approach to body fitness that is unique in the fitness world.

This excerpt for the Washington post accuratly describes how the concept works.

Now I'm no weakling. I can easily dead lift 250 pounds for three sets of 10. I can take 100 pounds from the floor to overhead in a second or less. But Weakley gave me a 36-pound cannon ball with a handle (called a kettlebell) and made me squat down, touch it to the floor and then punch it up to the sky. I was a little uncertain, but I did it -- 15 times with each hand. Followed with push-ups, three sets of 10 of the dreaded "squat thrust" and then 20 minutes of throwing the hardest punches I'm capable of at my moving trainer target. I summoned my inner Ali, thought about gas prices and pounded away. It felt magnificent! My exhaustion was overtaken by the fun I was having as my gloves made a perfect thwack against the pads.

I believe in this system enough that I became an owner in Ruthless Training.

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Update Where did Ruthless Training go?



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