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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Senate and Border Security

The US Senate has approved $2 Billion for border security. Why the sudden enthusiasm? The citizens are about to upstage the politicians and build a fence themselves. Politicians are adept at running to the front of a parade. They nearly bowled each other over to pander to the illegal immigrants when they saw them marching in the streets, but they seemed to realize that getting votes from illegals could take too long now that citizens, who can vote this year, are willing to ignore the politicians in favor of getting the border fence up now. They did take the money from the Iraq war funds, and it only amounted to 3% of the war budget. Even at $2 billion it is not mush compared to the needs on the border. WorldNetDaily.com highlights three projects to build a fence on our southern border with privet funds and labor.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has begun to promote the construction of a fence along the Arizona border based on the design used by Israel on the West Bank. This design has been adapted by Colin Hanna and We Need A Fence.com. They have two contractors ready to organize the project and are accepting donations of money and labor.

Another group, Border Fence Project.com is promoting a more simple fence they claim would cost $2.50 a foot. They want to work with land owners and volunteer labor to build a contiguous fence from the Pacific to the Gulf

This is the only way that Congress will take this issue seriously. Their approach up to now has been to sweep the issue under the carpet, or exploit it for their own political interests. The push for Motor Voter laws followed by the push for driver's licenses for illegals looks suspiciously like an attempt to round up a new voting block. They have exhausted the ability to buy citizen votes with government programs so naturally salivate when they think of all those illegals looking for largess.

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