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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rampent Psychosis at Ohio State University

After the whole staff of professors at Ohio State Mansfield were stricken with Bibliophobia, it has been discovered that was just a side effect of their Enissophobia. This out beak caused Librarian Scott Savage to suffer Poinephobia after being accused of Homophobia.

Mr. Savage's story became public and further aggravated the professor's Enissophobia. In hopes of quelling the public outcry causing them to suffer Demophobia, the university absolved Mr. Savage of wrong doing and suggested a liaison person, none other than the accuser himself. Seems their Sophophobia prevents them from seeing how Orwellian this is. Not surprisingly they now suffer Liticaphobia and warned Mr. Savage against retaliation for their baseless accusations. Just making such a statement shows they suffer from Paralipophobia.

Potential students when considering how best to spend their tuition dollars may suffer Harpaxophobia if they enroll at Ohio State Mansfield.

From The Indexed Phobia List
Bibliophobia Fear of books
Demophobia fear of mobs
Enissophobia Fear of criticism
Harpaxophobia fear of being robbed
Homophobia fear of homosexuals
Liticaphobia fear of lawsuits
Poinephobia fear of punishment
Paralipophobia fear of responsibility
Sophophobia fear of learning




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