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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

OSU Drops Sexual Harassment By Book Charge

The case of Scott Savage, a librarian at OSU, has taken a quick turn. The entire faculty had voted 21-0 with 9 abstentions to support the charge of sexual harassment brought by three professors. National attention to this suit has forced the University to drop the charges.

The complaint came about because Mr. Savage had as a member of the First Year Reading Experience Committee recommended four books among others. They were "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian, "The Professors" by David Horowitz, "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis" by Bat Ye'or, and "It Takes a Family" by Sen. Rick Santorum. Because these books are critical of homosexual activism the professors, two of who are open homosexuals, felt threatened. That's sexual harassment by other people reading a book.

One need not look very close to understand how such nonsense could come from these professors. Just the titles of their classes and books reveals the world of goofiness they live in.

The professors who filed the complaint against Savage are Hannibal Hamlin, Norman Jones and J.K. Buckley. Jones teaches courses in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender literature, and according to his bio, "his current research focuses on sexuality and spirituality, particularly exploring the phenomenon of the 'post-secular queer' in contemporary literature." Buckley has written "The Social Critic: The Rise of Queer Performance Within the Demise of Transcendentalism" as well as "articles on sexual orientation in Hemingway and Melville."

Fortunatly Mr. Savage is not going away quietly. The University is hoping that dropping the charges is sufficient to remedy the dispute. The problem however is the total lack of discretion on the part of the faculty to recognize this suit for what it is, an effort to stifle dissent. If left to walk away from this attack on Mr. Savage there would be no deterrent to future efforts to enforce a liberal ideology within the university.

"Scott's exploring litigation – he has already filed an internal complaint accusing the professors of a false allegation of harassment. But he is definitely exploring possibilities of litigation," said the ADF attorney.

"While we're glad there was no finding of harassment – that's merely common sense on the part of the university – we're upset there hasn't been a direct communication of that fact to Scott or his attorneys."

Much more importantly, said French, "the damage has been done" to Scott's career and reputation. "Ohio State University allowed its resources to be used in a campaign of slander and defamation." Saying Savage "wants to do something substantial to deter any future tyranny or bullying of others," French concluded: "We're certainly glad Scott has been exonerated, but by no means is this over."

The hysterical side effect of this issue is the increased sales of the book "The Marketing of Evil" moving it to ##56 on Amazon.



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