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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter, The Resurrection

Jesus' death on the cross finished the work of redemption. So if the goal was accomplished on Good Friday, why do we make such a big deal over Easter? The death on the cross for the forgiveness of sin would be meaningless if Jesus was not sinless. The resurrection of Jesus is the demonstration of his purity and deity. It is the resurrection that gives us confidence the our savior is who he claimed to be.

The account of the resurrection in the scriptures has some significant details that help in its credibility. First is the recording of the first witnesses being women. In the legal system of the time the witness of women was not considered credible. If an effort to deceive were the reason for the gospels rather than a truthful recording of events, the account of women would not be included. In addition the soldiers who were charged with guarding the tomb to insure the body was not stolen, claimed in public that they fell asleep. In the Roman army sleeping while on guard duty was a capital offense. A solider would never confess to having done so for fear of death. The lack of concern on the part of these soldiers implies a deal with authorities to discredit the event that was predicted by Jesus himself.

The penalty for sin is death, Jesus paid the price. The promise of salvation is eternal life, Jesus demonstrated and secured the promise with his resurrection.

Happy Easter



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