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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Somalia OKs U.S. Navy Patrols Along Coast

The UN has found their efforts at delivering food to starving Somalis increasingly hampered by bandits and pirates. The most efficient method of getting supplies into the country is by ship. Pirates off the coast of Somalia made that impossible. They began the long and expensive overland delivery by truck only to be raided by bandits. Their only recourse has been to ask navies in the area to interdict any pirates they come across.

The US along with other nations has been patrolling international waters off the coast of Somalia with some success. Now the US can move ships into Somali waters. The Somali government in exile has granted permission for patrolling their coastline.

The country having descended into complete anarchy has no navy or coast guard. Now that the US has come to the rescue once more, the UN may be able to resume the shipping of supplies into the country.




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