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Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Child Rapist walks in Ohio

The horrifying state of our justice system seems to continue finding new ways to make regular people gape in disbelief. I read this at Lost in Lima Ohio. On the heals of Judge Connor's inexcusable decision one would have to wonder what's up in Ohio.

I'd written about Bryant a few days ago- outraged that a judge would use the power of the court to free a child rapist. You see, this wasn't a plea deal where some fancy lawyers wiggled their clients out of prison time. This is a case where a jury heard the evidence, deliberated on the case, and formed a unified conclusion. They sentenced Bryant according to the law- and the judge turned his nose at it.

I know, you're still wondering why I'm writing about it again, right?

In doing this blog- in covering these cases, I've had chances to hear from families of victims, and even friends of the convicted. I'm used to hearing both sides of cases. But never have I had a chance to hear from the third group- you know the one that actually came into the case unbiased. I heard from one of the jurors last night, and could plainly see that his outrage was overwhelming.... to the point that he returned the check of $167.90

Go and read to whole post and the links. I'm beside myself.



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