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Thursday, March 30, 2006

News on the Self Defense Front

A number of states have just passed laws giving citizens greater ability to exercise their right to self defense. Today Nebraska approved a right to carry law. The governor is expected to sign. This, along with the recent override of Gov. Sebelius' veto in Kansas, would leave only Wisconsin and Illinois as states yet to recognize this as a useful aid in preventing crime. Illinois by the way is set to try and fix an anti lead poisoning bill that could possibly (and you know it will) be used to effect ammunition manufacturers.

In the area of "No Retreat" laws I find Alabama, Alaska and Mississippi all passing this important legislation. In the case of Mississippi this is more a codifying of a long practice of not holding the victim responsible for actions taken to thwart a criminal. It has always befuddled me how courts could have so favored the interests of criminals at the expense of the citizen trying to protect his life and property.

I remember the 1970's when much of the anti gun and criminal coddling became the norm. There were times I thought the politicians had lost their minds. I still think the great majority of politicians are in need of a good wood shampoo, but self defense laws are coming back to something more sensible, it just took 25 years or so. I just hope that it doesn't take half that long for them to get a clue about illegal immigration.

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