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Monday, March 20, 2006

Senators Urge Mexico to Act on Border Tunnels

It's rare that I find myself in agreement with Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the other California Sen. Barbara Boxer well unique might be more accurate, but I do. They along with Sens. Pete V. Domenici, Conrad Burns, Norm Coleman, Jim Talent and Maria Cantwell of Washington signed a letter to Mexican President Vacentia Fox and members of the Mexican Congress urging them to criminalize the financing, construction and use of tunnels under the border with the US and Mexico. They encouraged the Mexicans to enact legislation similar to a law sponsored by Sen. Feinstein known as the Border Tunnel Prevention Act.

This bill was offered after the size and sophistication of a tunnel from Tijuana airport to an abandoned warehouse in Otay Mesa was discovered in January. I don't expect much of a reception on the part of the Mexican government, They are actively engaged in the colonization of America's Southwest.

From Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. at American Chronicle
In 1996, Mexico amended its constitution, permitting dual citizenship for all naturalized Mexican-American citizens which took effect in 1998. What does that mean? In a Pew Hispanic Center poll of "Attitudes about Voting in Mexican Elections and Ties to Mexico" that surveyed nearly 5,000 Mexican migrants [read that illegal aliens] who were interviewed while applying for identity cards [Matricula Consular cards that only illegal aliens need since those here legally have U.S. government identification documents] at Mexican consulates in the United States has found that . . . [n]early nine out of ten (87%) of the respondents said they would vote in the next Mexican elections if they could!
Roberto Suro, Survey of Mexican Migrants: Attitudes about Voting in Mexican Elections and Ties to Mexico, March 14, 2005, Pew Hispanic Center,

In 2005, Mexico Approved The Right to Vote for All Mexican Nationals! This means that all Mexican-American citizens, all Mexicans here legally on visas, etc., and all illegal aliens now have the right to vote in the 2006 Mexican presidential elections by absentee ballot. Does that worry you? It should! You should also knew that "[t]he Central Mexican state of Zacatecas embraces Mexican 'migrants' as candidates for electoral office. [For example] Andres Bermudez, a wealthy California grower christened the 'Tomato King,' captured a mayoralty [in Mexico]. Two other immigrants garnered seats in the state legislature. Mexican candidates routinely motorcade in the U.S. seeking political support from Mexican-Americans."
Bruce Fein, Dual citizenship folly, March 1, 2005, washingtontimes

The illegal Immigration issue is one that at this point is free for the Democrats to exploit for the upcoming elections but more Republicans are hearing from their constituents so this is quickly becoming an issue of importance. I doubt we will ever have the President on board for this but the states are already making it a priority so Washington will eventually have to join in if only to get on the band wagon.


Anonymous PHenry said...

Colonization of the southwest is the best way I have heard it described. We are under invasion by our southern neighbor, and we are too neighborly to mention it.

This morning on the radio was some lady disrought over the 'undocumented workers' who are being cheated out of their pay by their employer, who got paid for the job and left town with their pay. (Some large hotel contract, as I remember) She wanted someone to make good for the 'undocumented workers'. But she was afraid most would not ever come forward for their pay now because they are scared of being caught.

Isn't that kind of like going to the police because you got ripped of in a drug deal?

Is there anyone who can make a credible argument that we should not be rounding up ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and sending them home? And prosecuting with HUGE fines and possible jail time those who knowingly employ ILLEGALS. It is a CRIME to hire 'undocumented workers', and it is immoral to turn a blind eye to it by contractors hired by you.
It steals money from the LEGAL immigrants and young citizens by lowering base pay, and lowers their opportunities for making a LEGAL living. Illegals don't pay taxes, social security, workers comp, you name it. But you can bet that when our kids, the kids of LEGAL immigrants and citizens, are struggling under the burden of our baby boomer Social Security burden, the illegals from today will be collecting as much or more. Just as they do our welfare, school, and medical care now.
I am not against immigration, I am all for a discussion about what the requirements should be. But if you are going to ignore and even create incentives for illegal acts, there is no credibility left to police and law enforcement. And the country is lost to the kind of backdoor colonization we are seeing in the southwest. They will just get a majority in one or two states, and pull a Confederacy on us. Will we be willing to blow up Arizona, or California, in order to save it?
Will it even be worth saving at that point?

8:19 PM  

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