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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Animal Farm II or Will the Real Obama Stand Up

Last week I went to the recently-opened Republican party office on Main Street here in Warrenton and made the suggestion that the Republican National Committee broadcast on national television Barack Obama's biography and current activities to include, for example, his formation of lifetime friendships and associations with bomb-throwers and communists. I asserted that our electorate are ignorant of this information, and will remain so due to censorship imposed by the major liberal media and by Senator McCain

The only way this information will reach the electorate is in video, i.e., television because, by and large, Americans get their news and views from television, not newspapers or talk radio.

The response to my suggestion was that the Republican National Committee will not broadcast Barack's bio, lest they offend the big "undecided" group of potential voters, who say they are tired of "negative" political messages.

If we put a communist in the White House because the electorate don''t know that's what he is, John McCain will be personally responsible for that sad outcome.

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst


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