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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Barack Obama's Inner Kook

While touring overseas, Barack Obama noticed that the troop's televisions were all tuned to Fox News. Since this seemed unfathomable to him he commented on it, speculating that it was a mandate by President Bush.

I suppose to him it's the right wing conspiracy pumping propaganda to the troops so they can continued to be fooled into serving the commander-in-chief by fighting in Iraq. He just can't grasp the concept that our soldiers would freely choose to watch something other than the mainstream media. To take the assumption that the President was forcing them to watch Fox News is an indication that he is either a kook or he naturally expects the current President to be handling such things in the same way he would when President.

He could just be perplexed that they were watching the only network that didn't have an anchor to travel with him.


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Blogger PHenry said...

I am willing to bet that the TV's are only on FOX because he is coming through. They can't possibly respect him after he writes off their success in the surge as if things would have gone the same way if they had not been there at all.
He would have brought them home by now. He said so. And Maliki would be dead, as would the Anbar awakening and the Kurds and you name it.

I predict he just jumped the shark in Berlin. Sure, the German liberals love him. But he sounds like a moron to anyone who knows the history of Berlin...

10:48 PM  

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