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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

People Get Ready the UN is Coming

We are all going to die. Well maybe not but the world food price problem is now going to be made worse because the UN and the World Bank are set to tackle the issue. Not that they have any understanding of the reasons and possible solutions. They just sense an easy opportunity to pick the pockets of western citizens.

First on the agenda is the plea for funds, $755 million to start. Second will be the formation of a task force so needy relatives can get a piece of the action. This will all be followed by impotent resolutions and calls for more financing of their effort to find a remedy, mainly getting the west to give them more money toward the goal of UN control of commerce.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the international community to provide the WFP all of the $755 million in emergency funds it needs for the crisis.

"Without full funding of these emergency requirements, we risk again the specter of widespread hunger, malnutrition, and social unrest on an unprecedented scale," Ban said.

Sadly this will result in the matter becoming completely out of control. Not only will the prices of food continue to increase but new unforeseen disasters will spin off of the very programs adopted to fix them.

The problem itself is directly attributable to the hysteria generated over Global Warming and the exploitation of that hysteria by politicians and the UN. The brilliant minds who saved us all from nuclear power plants, off shore oil rigs, domestic oil exploration and refineries decided that the need for energy would be met by bio-fuel. Unfortunately no one considered the crops that needed to be grown for bio-fuel were going to be grown on the same land as the crops for food. Nor did it enter their minds that an additional demand for crops would lead to an increase in the selling price. No surprise however that they accept no responsibility for their ill considered efforts having only made the world less prosperous.

Save the planet, close the UN.


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