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Monday, April 28, 2008


More from my friend at POMIL. If you are not aware Obama is so full of bologna that he could open a deli than this may help clear your sinuses.

Naive young voters presumably find Barack Hussein Obama uniquely articulate and charming. Perhaps a large percent of the electorate would be happy to go to the polls in November and vote for Senator Obama, because they have only a superficial knowledge of him, and they are so fed up with other candidates and politicians they simply want a fresh face and a change. Further, what happened before those voters were born is in their view outdated and therefore of no importance. And, they may be unable to recognize anti-Americanism when they see it.

But, Barack Obama's entire life has been spent surrounded by people who dislike our Constitution, individual liberty, and the rule of law.

In his formative teenage years, age 10 to 18, in Hawaii, Barack's mentor/substitute father was Frank Marshall Davis, member of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) and good friend of CPUSA member and Soviet Union apologist black singer and actor Paul Robeson. And the domestic terrorists' and Jeremiah Wright's association with Mr. Obama have been widely reported.

And currently, Senator Obama supports ethnic cleanser Raila Odinga, Muslim-backed hopeful for ascendency to leadership of Christian Kenya who promised to establish Sharia law within six months of becoming president. Odinga claims Obama is his cousin. Mr. Obama has visited Kenya and has a brother living there. Senator Obama is wildly acclaimed in Kenya for his roots there and his political prominence in the United States Government. Kenyans have renamed schools, a road, and a beer in his honor. As President of The United States, Kenyans believe, Barack Obama, like corrupt presidents in their area, would have immediate access to the national treasury, and would be quick to send funds to his father's homeland, Kenya, to end poverty.

Presumably, this is what Senator Obama had in mind when he co-sponsored S2433, the Global Poverty Act of 2007. This legislation would transfer some 845 billion US taxpayer dollars to the United Nations for distribution, ostensibly, to the world's poor. Concomitantly, this bill would tie the United States to the United Nations Millenium Declaration which calls for banning small arms and light weapons and ratification of treaties; e.g., the International Criminal Court and Kyoto treaties. This global poverty act is Marxist and anti - American.

Level-headed U.S. voters of all ages recognize that, from the day he was born through today, Barack Hussein Obama has associated himself with Communists, domestic terrorists, racists, and Sharia law anti-Christian Muslims; and his grip on any position in our federal government is an ominous threat to our security and culture. An assumption that many in our electorate share his views is chilling.

(See Cliff Kincaid's March 2008 report, "The Truth About Barack Obama," and his February 19, 2008 American Daily report, "Obama's Communist Mentor"; Edwin Okong'o's January 25, 2008 Frontline/World dispatch: "Obama - The Kenya Connection;" Daniel Blake's December 8, 2007 Christian Post article, "Concerns Raised Over Alleged Vow to Enforce Islamic Law in Kenya;" Genocide Intervention Network's January 8, 2008 Kenya report; BBC News January 1, 2008 report, "Odinga says Obama is his cousin;" and World Net Daily March 31, 2008 report, "Obama bill: $845 billion more for global poverty.")

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What evidence do you have, other than Cliff Kincaid's claim, that Davis was Obama's mentor/substitute father? Did Obama claim that in his book?

3:21 AM  

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